Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Power of the Pen...

I have been writing essays for both English and Malay language. I do enjoy writing but there are certain times that I don't feel like writing one, not one but usually I'll be composing multiple essays one after another. It costs the brain to feel that it has been burdened with a sack of potatoes. I do not know how the term 'a sack of potatoes' come about, but I just feel heavy in the head. If I'm doing Add Maths then it feels that my brain has been challenged to an extent yet I feel good about it. 

A good essay, no doubt short, is able to create a circus of emotions out of a reader. When I have the mood to write, I can write a really good essay that can make a set of droopy eyes to be wide open. I'm done writing four essays in Malay, and at the same time I'm done with this blog post. The goodness of being able to multitask. Going to dreamland~! Tomorrow: 5 hours of work... I have no idea where has my time gone to when my working hours is actually very short only. 

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