Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Senseless Tour Guide...

That tour guide was really mad as in sick in the head. He was still hurrying us to move faster as he said that we didn't have enough time to go to the Great Wall of China. I have yet to see the Great Wall and I think that tour guide himself was one big great wall that was blocking my way. After going to the tomb that was quite a distance from the jade godown, that tour guide fantastically turned back to the jade godown where there was a restaurant in the same building of the godown which none of us even realized. It was completely wasting our time and since it was already lunch time, you get what I mean? We were in the bus at 6:30am and it was already 12 noon and I haven't even reach the Great Wall of China. Beijing wasn't that big afterall it was just that  the tour guide made it sound like it was so far away when we were actually being dragged to all these places for him to earn extra pocket money. Remind me again, never to join any tour group unless I am the tour guide. 
After lunch, we were hurried up the bus as he said we would be going to the Great Wall of China. Where the heck is that Great Wall???? That blardy bus stopped in front of one old building and we were ushered in like pigs going to be culled. Then we were 'forced' to sit in a classroom. It looked like a classroom with study tables and chairs. Then, suddenly, that man with white coat like a doctor walked to the front. I thought that was the biggest bullshit I've ever seen of a traditional medical practitioner promoting the company's products, wearing like a general practitioner in hospitals. When the bus went around Beijing, I saw a university for traditional medicine then I realized that they were not fakes but how to be sure that those traditional medicines were for real? It just came out in the newspaper two days ago stating that South Korea has tested some capsules which was produced by China made of human flesh, chopping the babies into pieces then put on the stove to dry, then pound them into powder. What on earth was wrong with the Chinese in China? I will never want to say I'm a Chinese anymore, it brought to much shame... I'm a Malaysian, not a Chinese or else people might think I'm from China.
Still no Great Wall but we ended up at the Beijing Native Products. What do you have in mind? I couldn't imagine what the native products were. I was thinking maybe something like ginseng or those herbal stuff. Hohohoho~! I was wrong indeed. That whole huge place was selling junk food, made of dried fruits, added with some colouring and flavouring and since no photography allowed, so I can't show you anything. Pinky and I tried on all of the samples. They gave so we took them, when we were asked to buy, we moved on and we started speaking English so they thought we were foreigners... I AM ONE... then they stopped bothering us. That was kinda fun. We did that at the Chinese Medicinal Hall... we crapped in English and the salesgirl stared at us, thinking we were some aliens speaking E.T. language. 
Aiyo~! Buy so much for what? See... this is another part where I cannot understand people. There are many  people who go for a holiday, buy biscuits and sweet stuff in bulk, lug them back thousand and thousand of miles away just to give to friends and relatives. Then those friends and relatives most probably won't finish up the biscuits as the taste was just too horrible, keep the biscuits and after a few months during spring cleaning, discover the biscuits which have gone terribly awry and dump them into the rubbish bin. In conclusion, I don't buy and give to people what I don't eat. If I dislike the taste, most probably my friends will not enjoy it either. My new friends said that it's a MUST for them to buy something back for their relatives and friends. To that I answered, I don't owe anyone anything that I MUST get something for others. I buy because I feel that the thing is nice and my friends may like it and I buy being very sure there's enough storage in my luggage. Obviously, the tour guide was smiling from ear-to-ear seeing the large plastic bags. His commission ballooned up while the buyers' wallets became lighter and lighter. 


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