Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zul's Burger: My Side of the Story...

A few days back, on Monday to be exact, my eldest and I walked to the craft store within a stone's throw away from our new house. I have just finished with my masterpiece and I wanted to start on the second one immediately, which I have started :D There was a stretch of shoplots right opposite and we saw many people queuing up at a stall by the corner. I thought it must be like at Cargas Cafe at the Bayan Lepas main road where people queue up just to buy rice with a few dishes. Malay food is nice... in Penang la... of course... where else can you find super nice food? Yes, I'm bias... because I'm a local Penang-lass :D
Yesterday, when I saw someone posted up the link about the burger, I was ecstatic to know that it was that shop around the corner with lots and lots of people. It was so near our house. Today, I decided to go there since I have no night classes. I was planning to have dinner there with the whole family. I went for a jog around the field in front of the house, jogged for 7 rounds instead of the usual 3 rounds. Took a shower before the whole family went jaywalking at the two-way traffic road, reached within 3 minutes, placed our order after we were very sure that that's the huge burger we wanted. Our order was number 12... so there were 11 orders before ours and not even one order has been served. We went to sit on an empty table, but looking at the others who have been seated long before us, after 10 minutes, I decided to go home and leave my eldest, precious and youngest to wait for the burger.

I planned not to cook dinner but in the morning, I decided to cook dinner for them instead of just eating burger. I have never been so right before. We placed our order at 7:15pm, my three teenagers walked home  at 8:40pm empty-handed, growling stomach and sweating. They were so hungry they gulped the dinner down their throat. After waiting for a while, my eldest and precious went to wait again for the burger. By 9:15pm I called them and to my horror, they have just served order #5... six more orders before it reached ours. My precious was worried as she has to finish up her history folio to pass up on the next day. So, I graciously drop my needle and walked over to the store, sending my eldest home as she has not taken her shower after our evening jog and she was very tired. 

I sat there like a log, then I called Judz to let her know that we're definitely NOT going for the burger again no matter how big it is. We're planning to go on Thursday nite to have our dinner there. There were so many people who were willing to wait. At 9:45pm, I had my Pang-5 burger, a 4kg burger... that was 2.5 hours wait, just for a burger. The lady behind the counter said it was written that we would be having the burger there instead of taking away. I stared at her and told her loudly that it was impossible to have the whole family sitting down and looking at one another with beady eyes for such a long time. 

So, she put the burger into a cake box to be carried away and charged me another RM2 for the box. I should charge you RM100 for an hour of waiting time. So Zul's burger actually owed the four of us RM250 for making us wait for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Time waits for no man... bak kata pepatah, 'Masa itu Emas'.
I carried the burger home and we cam-whored with the burger. Our first time and last time having the burger. The burger was RM30 and we cut it into 8 pieces. How does the burger taste like, you may ask... 
My eldest lifted the burger bun to take a look at the content. Oh, I was very disappointed... I was thinking there might be a burger patty as large as the burger bun but it wasn't so. If you can make it out from the picture, there were bits and pieces of Ramly chicken burger, lots and lots of raw cabbage, chopped raw onions and raw mixed vegetables with those green peas. Gross~!! I like my cabbage in the soup, sauteed onions and I dislike mixed vege especially green peas to the max~!!! I saw lots and lots of Ramly burger... I'm NOT against Ramly burger patties but I thought they were gonna make their own patties like how I did mine. 

It wasn't worth the long wait and I can be very sure that those who have tasted my homemade burgers will say that McJu tasted a million times better than this. So, my mama always have words of comfort, "Now, we can also boast that we've tasted the huge burger." Long waiting hours do not mean that the quality of food was there. Wait till I make a burger patty as huge as that, then it will be worth waiting for... but I wouldn't, in the right frame of mind, make anyone wait for 2.5 hours just to have a burger. 

I sincerely apologize to Zul's burger. I didn't mean to tarnish your good name, it's just my side of the story, or more like our side of the story of the long wait. Time is very precious as I rarely have any free nights and I cherish every moment of free time that I have. I will never waste even a minute by sitting down and doing nothing, or pressing the phone just to entertain myself. I will never do that... I shall make my burger once again... I bet there are many people who miss my McJu's... 

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