Monday, May 21, 2012

Beijing Television Station...

It was our fourth day in Beijing. It was getting way too cold but Pinky and I survived. Our first destination of the day, I was hoping for a good tour and it was indeed good... in a wrong way but it turned out really great. 
Let me share with you briefly what was at the television station. I learnt nothing about television station neither did any of us get a glimpse of how the television station in China functioned. It was one shocking experience where the door closed behind us and we were watched from all corners of the room with the closed circuit television. The room was quite empty except for pictures of gigantic buildings hung on the walls. A lady walked in and she greeted us warmly and introduced herself as a fengshui master. She went on to explain the importance of fengshui in buildings. I shut my brain off as I was aghast with what they have at the television station. I was very angry and upset because I thought I was going to the national television station as what the tour guide kept on mentioning. The next thing that happened left my mouth gaping and the next thing I knew, I was texting my hubby to complain all the way from thousands of miles away. 

It was getting from ridiculous to totally absurd. There was an ugly beast in the centre of the room. The lady went on to state that the emperor used to have that beast in the palace to make sure that the emperor was wealthy and healthy throughout his reign in the country. That lady had everyone's attention when she said that  everyone in the room should touch that hideous man-made beast from the head to the tail to ensure good health and wealth to be knocking on one's door. I gave her a dagger look when she asked me to join the group. I told her straight off that I do not believe such thing. 

After the session of molesting the beast ended, we were asked to proceed to the next room. I thought we were going up the tower as what the tour guide said. Sad to say, it was a complete lie. I didn't know that they were capable of telling lies, such big lies in broad daylight. The next room was a SALES ROOM where they sell jades and more jades. That lady went on to talk about the 12 Chinese zodiacs and then the salesgirls started asking everyone to come forward so that they could read the palm. Pinky went ahead and I followed her to see how great the salesgirl was in palm-reading. To my astonishment, she cursed Pinky saying that she has a short life and her health is down in the dumps but wearing a piece of jade around her neck, her health will make a U-turn and she will have long life. In my wildest imagination, I was whacking that salesgirl with all the chairs in the room, bashing all of them who were telling lies and cursing people and making people believe all the negativity, implanting lies and more lies. 

I dragged Pinky to the back of the room, telling her how absurd all these were. Thank God she realized that those were all just sales gimmick. As I was explaining to her how all those things will never give her the wealth of the world and the perfect health, unbeknownst to me, the young adults started gathering around me  and I grabbed the opportunity to share with them the other beliefs other than the ancient belief that they knew. I didn't share about the gospel to them but it was an ear-opening and mind-opening session for them to hear about the love of Christ. It was the joy of the Lord in me that they saw as one of them mentioned that I was always joyous, laughing and smiling. 

Anyway, I was glad that I was able to persuade them not to believe in those jades. None of them bought anything. I guessed the tour guide wasn't so happy that he wasn't able to earn more commission. As he mentioned earlier, we would be going up the television station tower. After waiting for any of us to step forward to buy one or two pieces of jade, finally he said we should go outside. In the pinching cold, we were asked to snap photos. Of course that's what we did. Nothing can stop us from taking photos. 
After snapping a photo or two of the television tower, the tour guide started leading us to somewhere. Hey, I can read that signboard~! Central TV Tower Dock... yay~! We're going up then... but you see, the tour guide was one unhappy man and a vindictive person. He took us straight to the bus and asked the bus driver to drive away to the next destination. What a liar~! All of us started to dislike him completely... as in DISLIKE to the max~!!!! The good thing that came out of it was I get new friends and they were very eager to join us in our room on the last night in Beijing for a chat... 

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