Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Have ... Missed Calls...

HHhmmm... today is the second time I forget to bring my mobile phones out of the house. I only realized that I was without all my three phones when I was sitting down at Queen's Market and ordering lunch. Used Judz phone to call hubby or else he might call until all my phones exploded. After 12 hours of not being at home as I was in another home, it was kinda surprising to see 5 messages and 14 missed calls, mostly from unknown number. Weird... whenever I have all my phones with me, the phones wouldn't ring that much. And who called from 00603000000000 what kinda number was that? Calls from Mars? And by the way,  I didn't put that O2 Atom Mini for the fun of it. I'm seriously STILL using that pda after the mobile phones have gone through major transformation and turned into smart phones. I love my Pda and I have reason to change to a smart phone. My phone is smart enough for me and I love using that stylus pen instead of my fingers. I can be very sure that all the smart phones gang up together and refuse to let me send a proper text message without typos. I don't feel that I've lost a limb without my phones. 

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