Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Story of the Sausage and Sweet Potato...

Due to the inedible food that was served by different restaurants catered for tour groups, Pinky and I had to search for our own food because it was extremely cold there and we were so hungry, being food lovers, we couldn't survive on such small amount of food for so many days. I saw a lady selling sausages by the road side. The smell was tempting but it was 5 yuan for two sticks... two fat sausages with some chilli powder sprinkled all over them. The sausage itself was fantastic but I would very much prefer eating those sausages without the chilli powder and pepper. We bought the sausages while walking back to the bus from the bird nest stadium. The tour guide thought I was mad because we were heading towards the restaurant for dinner. Thank God for those two sausages as the dinner that night was even worse than the previous night's. We were served with all sorts of bean curds from the deep-fried bean curd to bean curd sheet stir-fried with their porcelain-like baby cabbage. Pinky and I ate a little bit and then went out to survey the perimeter :D
Pinky smelt something that was very enticing. Her sweet potatoes. She loves sweet potatoes and since she was very hungry we went over to the lady with the bicycle and all the sweet potatoes. Pinky picked the size of the sweet potato and I could picture her peeling the skin and sinking her teeth into the soft sweet flesh of the potato. According to the lady, it would be 4 yuan for 600 grams. Pinky took out a piece of 5 yuan note to pay the lady. 
The lady used the old scale which we had no idea how to use or even see where the measurements were. She was so fast and said that the price of the sweet potato was 12yuan that would be around 1.8kg. Oi, lady~! Don't cheat us la... we know we look very young and inexperience but you should know that I go to the market and I can estimate the weights using my hand. Pinky passed me the sweet potato that she was holding on. She couldn't believe it was so heavy. My foot~! That sweet potato weigh less than a kilo. I told that lady straight away but she refused to budge until when we decided to walk away she said she would reduce the price to 10yuan. Never cheat hungry but experienced people. Pinky would rather walk away without her sweet potato than let that lady earned while lying through her teeth. 
Goodbye sweet potatoes~! 

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