Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm Busy la...

I'm so sorry. I wanted to update this blog so much but I'm overwhelmed with work.. which was an utter lie. I was very busy with so many things going around, thinking of ways to decorate the house... again, that was only half truth. I have a few hours of free time this afternoon, I did update 11 photos into my Facebook and I planned to multitask like what I usually do... update an album, publish a post and continue stitching but now that I'm about to finish stitching my 9-page masterpiece after more than a year, I find that I can't multitask. I need to concentrate solely on my stitches... I'm so excited to see the moment I make the last stitch. Bye for now~!! One more week of school... exam, exam and exam... then school holidays for two weeks, semester break... which means I won't be online that often :D

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