Thursday, April 08, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Like Talking in Class...

My precious was scolded by her teacher for talking during lesson. Then, instead of being given demerit marks, she was asked to write an essay on the above title. So now, I'm trying to write on her behalf in point form.
  1. I have a motor-mouth which couldn't stop as it is powered by solar cell and since schooling time is in the morning, my mouth runs automatically.
  2. It is NOT that I like talking in class, but it happened that at that point of time, I have something important to ask regarding homework. If I wait until your class ended, I would have forget what question I want to ask. It happens to many people so, I have to ask when I have to ask and malangnya, you caught me talking.
  3. Girls love to talk. If I don't talk, my friends will think that I'm a snob. By the way, I'm a girl and my hobby is talking.
  4. I like noise. If everyone doesn't talk, a school won't sound like a school. To me, a school has the same environment as the wet market. NOISY!
  5. Actually I'm not talking, I'm asking my friend some questions regarding school work. A question and empty yaks have totally different meaning. You misjudged me and punished me instead :( Awful!
  6. I just like to provoke you to anger. Teacher, you look cute while scolding me. Simply as red as a tomato. *pinch**pinch*
  7. Freedom of speech. Talking is so NOT a sin. It's not like I don't pay attention while the class is on.
  8. Now that you're giving me this essay, I have to talk more. I need to discuss points with my friends. 10 is a large number. More heads can supply me with more reasons to elaborate for this essay.
  9. Talking = active brain. I'm not a retard.
  10. The gift of the gap. It's a gift able to voice my opinions. Or else when I grow up, I wouldn't be able to lead the nation. Now, you've given me the gift of writing. Thank you, teacher for the essay punishment.

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