Thursday, April 29, 2010

Excessive Blogging...

The sudden flood of posts in my blog is because I've not been able to login to my blogger account because of.... w1max.. and right until now, I have to login using both w1max and Maxis Broadband... and w1max takes the full advantage of not blinking at all. So, I think I have to thank Maxis for giving me the opportunity to blog like tomorrow will never come.
I'm not very happy with the service from w1max but they have been kinda helpful. Being helpful doesn't solve the problem here as I ended up running two lines on one computer. Is two really better than one? Shucks~!
Gimme Cookie Monster to cuddle on rainy days... my Maxis in NOT unlimited and I've uploaded so many pictures... aaarrrggghhhH~! Am I suppose to get my Streamyx back?
Tata~! 'Till I update again... these few posts will make you stay a little bit longer I hope. Have a great weekend ahead of you... everyday is a weekend to me...

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