Friday, April 16, 2010

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Condominium

Whenever there's a Property Fair or roadshows setup by housing developers, I would get myself there to take a good look. The layout of a house is of utmost importance. When you are looking for a house, you'll be looking for one that is something like you. It's hard to explain. Some houses don't make you feel at home, make you feel like an intruder or just a visitor. I have found one which I like but it's still under construction. I'll wait before I get my name written on it. I don't buy what I can't see or deem incomplete at the moment.

Let's see... facilities... not that bad. A swimming poolbarbecue pitgymnasium and bla bla bla... tight security, CCTV.... funny thing is when you have all those facilities right smack in front of you, you won't even use it. It's when you don't have it that you're wishing under the stars you might have it. Swimming pool... I'll wonder how many times a week I'll jump into it and start swimming backstroke, staring into the sky or maybe couting stars *if we have any* in the black sky.

Parking lots. There won't be enough parking lots to have all 4 cars. I'll have to put another 2 somewhere else. Living in a condominium will make you feel like you're trapped up in the air. You either look out of the window. Truth be told, I've not even look out of the window once coz' I have no interest in day-dreaming. A balcony... with the weather so hot, I don't think I want to get myself tanned reading at the balcony.
As long as I'm comfortable and I like it, then it shall be mine. God's timing... 'Rumahku, Syurgaku'...

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