Monday, April 12, 2010

My Artwork On Cloth...

I don't know how I manage to do this heavy work. It's heavy because they're stitched using beads. I dare not even imagine if the string suddenly snapped and all the beads rolled onto the floor. When I was stitching that, I always imagine what if... what if... what if... what if the string really snapped while I'm holding up my masterpiece to admire. I think if that happens, I'll just need a broom and sweep them up then throw everything into the dustbin. Right until now, I still don't know what brand of thread is the strongest to hold such heavy beads.... heavy beads on a single thread.

You know what... just click on the photo and you'll have an enlarged one so that you're able to admire my artwork. I think after I'm done with this piece, I'll do another one with beads. I'm seriously crazy over this again after more than 10 years. A hobby, is a hobby. Can't stop me from reading like a nerd, watching movies like an addict and stitching like a granny.

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