Saturday, April 03, 2010

Expensive Hobbies

It's a statement made by someone that I indulge in expensive hobbies. That.. oh, well... what can I say but just to nod my head and say that... no choice... I really like them if not I wouldn't call them my hobbies...
Now that most people have known that I'm crazy about doing cross-stitch since I was only a teenager, I have invested in another 55 skeins of thread and a metre of 14-count cloth. That is costly to most people and it takes a lot of effort to get the colourful and most wonderful end result. The hard work ALWAYS pays off with cross-stitch. If you're not discipline enough, everything will end up under the bed for years until the cow comes home.
Jet-skiing... that is my passion. When I'm out in the open sea, the adrenaline pumps up and the thrill of speeding is beyond comprehension. I hate sandy beaches... I really hate them but when it comes to this, forget about how much sand will accumulate in between my toes, there's just this need for speed. I know I won't get any traffic summon. This is seriously expensive therefore, I set up my own company. Reading.... I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. Reading can be an expensive hobby if you know the price of the books sold in this country. The most common price I see will be RM32.95 to RM39.90. I will have to say that I'm grateful to MPH and Borders which enable me to slouch on the couch and read from cover to cover. Love these two companies. Please don't ban people like me from reading coz I still buy books from there. But I only buy selected books *stingy* not stingy just trying to give myself a budget when spending. Healthy spending....
I'm trying to cut down on the movies that I watch. My habit of doing a movie marathon during the weekends is kinda creeping into my system. Watching three movies in a row, rushing from one exit of the cinema back to the entrance, then exit and entrance and lastly exit and entrance. If the movies are interesting, then I survived. If they're boring, then I'll be fighting to keep my eyes open.

I have cut this off completely from my list of hobbies... so only keeping those four at this moment.

*Giving myself a pat on the back* I've made it! I no longer go shopping. Isn't that a great achievement? Truth be told, both wardrobes burst. There's no room to get bigger wardrobes. I'll continue with my shopping when I get a larger house with a walk-in wardrobe.

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