Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Are Special...

To all of you out there, a million miles away from me but managed to find a connection with me through this blog. Some of you from the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Arab, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Peru, Russia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Japan and from my own beloved land, Malaysia. You may be sitting in front of the computer, browsing for something and stumbled upon my blog, you may be someone who clicks on my blog as it has become a norm to do so or you just need to get something from my blog... all I want to say is...


Some of you may be banging into dead ends, trying to find your very own special and unique identity while trying to make your name to be known. Stop searching! You are already special before you were even formed in your mother's womb.

Going clubbing and being a party animal will bring you nowhere. Trying to fit into a 'cool' group does not make you 'cool' at all. Drinking yourself silly to show that you won't be drunk after intoxicating your whole body system with alcohol will NEVER bring you anywhere near of being someone special. Hanging out with a bunch of friends and gossiping around the round table, seeping cut-throat expensive coffee does not make you special, but it makes you someone common... like your life is not accounted for. Don't drown yourself in a sea of people.

Don't let yourself be someone common. Be yourself! God has a calling for each and everyone of us. Why blend into a culture which changes as fast as lightning? Why seek the approval of your friends just to be someone whom NO ONE will recognize because you're just like one of them? Being special means being different. You don't have to wear the latest designer clothes, you don't have to hang out in places where you don't like and the most important thing is you don't have to follow what others do just to please them.

There are people who are surrounded by so many friends, yet they feel empty and lonely. Some have so many clothes and so much money, yet they feel they have nothing. It is not what you have. Look beyond that. Why are you here on earth? There's always a purpose.

The A-B-C of getting your life straight and leading a joyous one...
  • Admit that you need Jesus in your life because only through Jesus we can get to the Father in heaven.
  • Believe that salvation is yours...
  • Commit yourself to the Lord.
God will NEVER fail you but man does.

Let me share something about myself with all of you. I have been whining to God that I don't have friends. I mean friends around my age. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a recluse as I'm surrounded by many people every day without fail. One day, I hooked myself with MSN and then Facebook. I get connected with lots of old friends. Whoever calls me out, I said yes even when I don't feel like going anywhere. For the whole of year 2009, I get myself addicted to Internet. I was a devil online. A real devil.

This year by God's grace, even with my previous post of being a slave to the Internet connection, I am spending lesser time online. I just login to check my e-mails and update this blog. I am very happy alone. You might be laughing when you hear this... I've NEVER attended any birthday party and I have never even stepped into a club... not even near the main entrance of one. I don't enjoy going to gatherings. I don't find myself happy to be surrounded by so many people and find myself tongue tight. I am very comfortable going out one on one, talking about things which are more personal, spending precious time with one another instead of talking about nothing.
Now, I find more time to do things that I really enjoy doing like reading and stitching.

I would like to thank James. Without him I won't realize that I have the ability to share God's Word with so many people. It was meant to be only for him but I know many of you are reading it out there. I am amazed that I can actually write and I do enjoy writing it even when he's no longer in my life.

Don't let anyone 'commonize' you by telling you, you're just like other people. You're NOT! YOU'RE SPECIAL. I'm special. For the whole year, I let him categorized me as someone common... like every other people. I thank God that he has been removed from my life if not I would have back-slided so badly that I couldn't even lift up my head to look at myself.

Set yourself free. Know it in your heart that YOU'RE SPECIAL. Your life is accounted for.

Well.... if you're just coming to this blog and feels like cursing me after reading this, I rebuke that in Jesus name, bind it and throw it back at you multiplied by seven times of your hideous curse. God bless you for your prayers and do come to read the numbered posts. It may be of help to lift up your spirit whenever you feel down.
You don't have to look like a stunning beauty to feel special. You don't have to dress up like the princesses in fairy tales to feel special. I don't wear like this to make myself feel special...

In fact, I just look like a typical Asian girl without double eye-lids or curl-up eyelashes. You can't see my eyelashes at all as they are too short. I don't have a body of a stunning model... my size is neither medium nor large but mostly label me as a pink fat pig :) In a way, that's a special thing to be called... I don't wear expensive clothes. That blouse is only RM5... believe it or not...*wink* I don't have perfect English but I'm still writing... Lastly....




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