Sunday, June 27, 2010

Banning Parasailing?

By all means, which part of the water sports especially parasailing is dangerous? Which part, huh? Point it out to me~!!

Before we release our customers into the sky, we give SPECIFIC instructions on how to make a good landing. I can communicate in good English, fluently in bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew and I have other beach operators who speak very well in Arabic Language, Cantonese, Tamil, Japanese and other languages as well.
On the reports where a man fell down 20m from the sky. How did that happen? Were any of the reporters there to measure the height of the fall where he fractured his hips and landed himself in the hospital? He pulled the WRONG string~! Another report where the rope grazed the cheek of a young girl playing on the beach. EVERY TIME before we release and when the flyers are coming back, we cordoned off the area. We make sure nobody is there where landing is taking place.
On the issue that water sports is NOT helping the tourism of the state. Why make that kinda statement in the paper WITHOUT even checking with so many other companies? Do you think EVERY ONE involve in water sports are UNEDUCATED as you're looking at the beach boys and beach operators only. Did any of you take the liberty to check out that I HAVE A WEBSITE AND I DO WRITE GOOD THINGS ABOUT PENANG ISLAND IN ARTICLES. MY CUSTOMERS FLEW ALL THE WAY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, INDIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE AND OTHER PARTS OF MALAYSIA....
When I visited other countries, if there's any case where I make a report, do you think their government will just scrape off and ban an activitiy which has become a livelihood of many with my report? I can fly back to Singapore and get myself badly injured on the jet ski, file a report and do you think the governement will just ban it? If I fly to Melbourne now, go sky-diving or skiing from the mountain top and hurt myself, will the governement ban the whole activity? The answer is NO~!
ALL of you see the beach as a place where the beach boys tarnish the good image of the state. What about countries with beggars lining on the streets? What about countries with people so poor that they do not have a roof over their heads and have to clear their bowels on the streets? I work on the beach NOT once, NOT twice but MANY times. I've been on parasailing numerous times and following the instructions when I first started, I landed on BOTH feet in the soft sand. I told my customers the same instructions and they landed beautifully without any mishap. The basic problem is MANY DO NOT LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS~!
There are many who doesn't follow~! They heard the instructions before flying off, but due to much excitement, they totally forget what they have to do to come down. You DO not pull the string ALL the way down. You have to LET GO and make a clean stride down. And we have beach boys and beach operators AGAIN giving instructions from down the ground.
Fellow makers of the law and reporters, if you've written about water sports WITHOUT experiencing it, place a comment in this post with your calling number. I'll give you the first-hand experience and you can see for yourself how SAFE it is. Accidents happen everywhere. Does that stop people from driving or do we ban vehicles when there's accident on the road? Do you shut down the hospital when a doctor makes an error? Everything is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
I've seen so many who played dangerously. We screamed and yelled at them to play carefully BUT because some have the mentality that since they're paying for it... they have it THEIR OWN WAY~! Again, you'll know what I'm talking about IF YOU SPEND ENOUGH TIME WORKING AT THE BEACH~!

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