Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Pin Me Down With Customs & Tradition...

There's another death in the family. Sum up the events that I've attended, I've attended mostly funerals except for one wedding.

Please don't ask me to drop everything that I'm doing just to attend for a wake service. I will go before the funeral, but I just can't drop everything and run off. I will only do that for people very very close to me. I did that for my grandmother where I abandoned my whole class and ran off, speeding on a highway when it was pouring cats and dogs.

I'm going to make myself very clear over here. I neither follow customs nor tradition. Don't try to pin me down with that. It just won't work. Different people, different perspectives.

From all the funerals that I have attended, most people, NOT ALL, sat down, shed a tear or two, weep uncontrollably when there were people looking, then all of a sudden when there's nobody, people were chatting away happily like it was an old school gathering, chatting while eating peanuts, buying lotteries hoping that the dead will bring good luck, laughing away at some silly jokes, gambling, going online to watch movies...etc.

Why not treat that person well when he/she is still alive? I don't believe in ppl showing their faces during wake service or funeral when you've not even bother to make time to spend with that person when that person is still very very much alive. Does that bring relief like..."Finally, dead... no need to hear about spending time, making time, plan for visits and so on and so forth." Just attend the funeral and be done with it~! Sometimes, dropping a simple 'Hi' takes less than a minute.

When I'm dead and gone, please don't waste the time and money for any wake service or whatever procession. I don't need that. Don't even weep for me. Don't even miss me... if I'm that important until you can weep and miss me, then why not spend some of your time with me when I'm still very much alive and kicking. There are things that we can do together... I'm a sporting person... not a recluse...

This is what I want when I die... get me the cheapest coffin you can find. If I die in the morning, get a slot for immediate cremation in the afternoon. If late at night, I'll want to spend the nite in the morgue. Cremate the next morning. Don't have to see me in a ghostly look. I have my photos in this blog and more nice and vibrant photos in my facebook albums. Don't book a 'pigeon hole' for me. Take the urn and then get someone from the beach that I'm working at... get them to pour the ashes into the sea. The sea is already polluted... adding a little bit more won't kill the aquatic animals.

If it's too hard to do... let the state bury me. This is what I want. Oh, I won't know what will be done... just do away with all those customs and tradition. I'll set aside some cash and I'll pay for my own coffin and any miscellanous fee. The rest will go to the mission field. My empire will either stand strong or collapse... I wouldn't be bothered. A dead person shouldn't have to worry about anything anymore.

This is not about having attitude problem. This is ME~! I respect your way of doing things and you respect mine. Never try to order me around... I don't take orders.

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