Monday, June 21, 2010

The Heiress to My Empire...

This is the smaller version of myself. Right until now I'm still filled with amazement, cracking my brain, thinking 'bout how wonderful God's creation is. She's my niece but she's 99.99% like me... not like her parents at all. The whole family has confirmed that she's exactly like me. We're totally alike from good habits to bad habits. It has nothing to do with training from young, it's running in the blood.
Most of the time that I was there, she hid behind her mom or in the room. Afraid to meet ppl who are not that close. I used to be like that when I was young. Totally quiet. But, yesterday, she got gluey with me and started talking, telling me about her stuff and what she remembered even from 2 years back. Her first experience to the beach when I started my water sports biz. I didn't realise that she loves the sea. Oh, how wonderful to hear that. I thought I was the only odd one out in the family who loves the sea as none of them like it. She just loves the sea and I'm so going to build up this empire and give it to her when she's old enough....or should I rephrase the sentence... when I'm too old to handle anything. No matter what, she will be the heiress to everything that I have.
Durians... oh, how we love them. Actually, both of us love to eat. As long as the food is delicious then it's great.
She's only 4 and she has no problem eating on her own and voicing out her opinions. In another 10 years, I'll definitely take her around when I go for hols... she's so much like me... so hassle-free during travelling and I bet we will travel lite... mind you, she can even multitask at such tender age... FEAR is not in her dictionary and she has the guts to do new stuff... I'm so proud of her... my little princess... *muacks*

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