Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The King of All Fruits... Durians~!

For the whole of last year, I did not eat any durian. This year itself, I had a few rounds of durians. My usual favourite will be Ang Heh (Red Prawn) and Hor Lor (dunno what is it in English).
My first taste of durian for this year was when I was in Singapore. Since I was staying in Balestier, there was a stall selling durians. Actually, I wasn't there to buy it but James kept some for me and Juju. Then, the craving began. The stall in Balestier will be opened in the evening only, but since our flight was in the afternoon, James drove us around.
Hohoho~! Bought durians in Geylang. I heard that in Singapore, they won't even open and let you try. Even in Penang, it's the same now... no more testing and buy later. Open then consider sold. Well... it's not easy to earn my money. I got that guy to let me taste it first. He was smart enough to get me the good grades durian or else I definitely won't buy any. He opened up D-101 and Mou Shan Wang (Raja Kunyit).
He didn't profit much as I was one who will bring down the price. Since I took quite a big one, after weighing he did grumble a bit about losing a few grammes :) Price in Balestier was $17 per kilo but in Geylang was $20 per kilo. Rental for the stall was different in both places. Geylang charged a higher rental compared to Balestier. I came in a BMW and that guy must be thinking rich people = stingy people. Since he explained about the cost of rental, understood then but James wasn't happy about that. So, I gave them a treat and those two cost $45 *don't do conversion in the head then won't have heartache*
Back in Penang... there's this event...
Don't mistaken that as a durian feast. They're just durian sellers who grouped together and sell the fruits from their orchards in one same place. Gives the place a merry feeling.
The ones I wanted don't have. So, tried a few other branded durians. They suck big time. One was tasteless.... one was to yucky to my liking...
While eating durians up in the hill, we're able to enjoy the scenery...
In Penang, Mou Shan Wang (Raja Kunyit) costs only RM16 per kilo while D-101 costs around RM12 per kilo. These two are now on top of the list and you have to grab them in the morning. Always sold out by noon time.
You wanna eat nice durians, you will have to learn how to choose them. Next, learn how to open a durian. It is a really easy task to open a durian. You don't even need a big knife. A small razor knife will do. Just follow the patterns from the bottom. Now, not all branded durians are good. Some durians from the village taste even better at only RM5 per kilo. At the end of the season, they might even sell it at RM1 per basket... yes, the huge rattan basket. This time, you really have to learn how to choose.
Choose the one with odd shape and cute thorns. Most of the time, the weird shape ones will give you the dark yellow, creamy and sweet taste flesh. I'm just loving it. I dislike those with whitish watery and bitter taste.
The major setbacks of eating durians:
  • Bad breath... as in really bad so eat it at night when you're sure you won't be talking to anyone.
  • You'll burp... and it smells worse than the skunk giving out its gas.
  • You'll fart... some durians make you fart like an invisible machine gun.
  • You'll know when someone 'bomb' your toilet. It's worse than a stink bomb.
  • Some ended up dead especially those who eat it with alcohol.
  • Seek your doctor's advice if you're under medication. You can't simply eat durians with other medicines. You'll end up six feet underground without knowing it.

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