Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eating Escapade with Bunga Emas...

She added me in FB some time around last year. There's just too many people in my facebook. Then, we started to place comments on each other's wall. She loves to cook and I am tagged in all her cooking. Just out of the blue, I asked her out to makan coz' I was very hungry and I don't cook during school holidays. It so happened that, she wasn't cooking on that day also. I was craving for nasi kandar so I went over to fetch her and we headed to Kayu Nasi Kandar, my favourite nasi kandar restaurant.
Having nasi kandar is kinda expensive. For a few mouthful of nasi briyani, the whole honey chicken thigh and drumstick and a miserable piece of mutton cost RM12. Mix all the gravy together and it'll make your mouth water. It's just so nice and Penang curry is the best. Everything's good in Penang. Marvellous and amazingly delicious.
Hers was just white rice, a piece of fried fish and some lady's fingers. That's RM5. Since it's not every day that we indulge in nasi kandar, we're ok with the price. It's her treat for me since we're meeting up for the first time. Next round, I'm gonna take her to a halal Nyonya food.

Roti telur... that's the one I like.
We yak yak a lot. Chinese or Malay... we're all humans... and we're comfortable with each other's company. After her lunch, my brunch, we went to Queensbay and walk walk around.

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