Saturday, June 12, 2010

God in Melbourne with Me...

I've never shared this in my blog. It's time to type it down as I feel I should keep an account of what happened in my digital diary.
In every step of my holiday, I knew that God has planned it for me, and He had planned it so well without me knowing it. It was just a matter of being sensitive towards what was happening around me.
First and foremost, I thanked God that I can read a map whether the map was turned upside down or from whichever direction. Pinky deary... don't scratch your head.... she can read the map, too :) Whoever says women can't read maps, come find us... will prove you wrong on the spot...
Then, I went with only AUD200 to survive for 2 weeks. It was awesome as I did some shopping and I bought a lot of soft toys which my bro almost screamed his lungs out when he saw the price. When I bought that huge koala, I successfully convinced myself NOT to convert to Malaysian Ringgit like what bro had been telling me. Well... he was the one who ended up doing the conversion but in the end, he gave me more pocket money to spend every day. Out of 5 of us, bro has never given anyone money to spend. I'm truly blessed to be the youngest and the pampered one, spoilt is more like it... that's what brothers are for...
Bro drove for 14 hours because I wanted to see the 12 Apostles. Never in his life will he ever drive along Great Ocean Road up to the 12 Apostles for anyone in future... it's just for me to see rocks... and he reminded me many times that it's because I'm his sister thus, he's willing to do anything for me... :) Love you, bro~! *We've never separate ourselves with the term half brothers or half sisters... awesome~!*
Weather... the days when bro was free to drive me around, we checked the weather forecast which wasn't so good. It was supposed to rain. It did rain... it was pouring in fact, but whenever I stepped out of the car to snap some photos, the rain stopped and the sky cleared of any dark clouds. Then, it started pouring again until we reached. The rain stopped. The sky cleared.When we left until we reached Victoria City, it was raining heavily.The same thing happened when we were heading towards Phillip Island. When God is in control, nothing bad can happen. No matter how accurate the weather forecast can be, prayer changes things and prayer changes situations.
I'll always remember the incident when the train moved backwards. It was my second last day in Melbourne and I had planned it well. I met an Australian lady outside the apartment and we had a quick chat *I lost count of the number of strangers I chatted with and we chatted like long lost pals* She said I must take a ride on the Puffing Billy.
I actually missed the train to Belgrave. Missed the train by 4 minutes. Oh... I forget to mention that I was blessed with a tour guide, a new friend who also becomes my tour buddy now. She's from China and we got along very well. I love to walk and we did a lot of walking from morning till nite. She has been there for more than 4 years but she hardly tour the place. So, I was the one bringing her around...Back to the train that we missed. We tried to outsmart the train system thus, we hopped onto another train and we planned to stop at another intersecting station to catch the one we missed. It didn't happen so. God planned something better for us. The train went forward to the next station then, before anyone on the train knew what was going on, the train went all the way backwards to the Southern Cross Station. That made us 35 minutes ahead of the train that we missed.We reached Belgrave Station just in time to catch the Puffing Billy. Without the boarding tickets, we were quite panicky as it was the last ride for the day. The conductor of the train was very kind, he opened an empty coach for us to enter and he went up with us. He even sold us the tickets at a lower price... student's price. He advised us on places to stop which were worth visiting.
It was really a great holiday better than any tourist can ask for. I had a table course dinner on the house, invited by the head chef... and that's the manageress, Adrienne...I had a great driver who drove here and there with me directing him all the way. If only I've gotten myself an international driver's license, I wouldn't have asked him to drive me around. I love driving around at times... but as a tourist... I prefer sitting behind as a passenger... :) It speaks volume when someone really cares for you, instead of words, they showed it with their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Bro was calling every few hours to check on me even when he was extremely busy working.
I saw his sms to Pinky saying that he was worried leaving me at home alone. I think he has forgotten that I can actually take care of myself and I've always been left alone at home since 8 years old. It feels nice to have people worrying for you once in awhile.

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