Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beijing's Street D'Lite...

Beijing has a very weird taste for food. The food at the government-owned restaurant tasted so bad, we ran out of place after shoving a few chopsticks full of rice into the mouth. I lose my appetite the moment I smell the food. We ran out and went for a walk on our own. We had no idea when the tour guide would ask everyone to board the bus and leave. He can't be leaving without us. We had a new friend tagging along. Next to the building where we had our lunch, there was a street so much alive and we thought there would be something good for us to snack on. There were so many stalls selling finger food. There were hot buns but I have a feeling that the buns just looked nice in the outward appearance. Taste wise, I wouldn't dare to even try. It wasn't cheap so I would not want to throw my money away into the dustbin. And then, all of sudden, I was about to buy the 'mua chee' because I do love 'mua chee' but after looing at that huge yellow sweetcake, again, I lose my appetite. I couldn't imagine myself chewing on a piece of that sweetcake. Then, all of a sudden, I was eee-ing and saying yer yer yucks yer... eewwweeeee.... and thank God my stomach wasn't that full or I would have contributed my lunch in the middle of the busy street. That stall and more stalls to come were selling all sorts of creepy crawlies. I thought only Thailand is selling this kinda stuff how come Beijing has it as well? Are any of these countries facing the shortage of poultry and seafood? Was that the tree worms from Sarawak? Look at those scorpions... you can buy the black grilled scorpions... or if you are daring enough, you could get the live baby scorpions as seen below. They were wriggling their tails even with the stick sticking out of their body. Oh, please... and eating starfish? Wouldn't the starfish regenerate inside a person's stomach? I think I fail in understanding biology... you mean to say that our gastric juice, which consists of hydrochloric acid, is acidic enough to dissolve the starfish? And what about the poison from the scorpion's sting? And wasn't seahorse used in making tonic soup? What on earth was going with people there? I can accept the sale of honeycomb. I've tried that in Cameron Highlands... then we were both dizzy from walking along the food street. 
Some of the traders were not friendly. Some of them could speak English as well but really rotten one just to do business. There were other stalls selling stuff like what I usually see in our morning market or night market. 
Oh, you know what those were? A whole stick of sticky sweet fruits. I thought it was something like marshmallow. If they were marshmallow then I would gladly savour them but sad to say, once bitten, considered disgusting. I have no idea what kinda fruit but the fruits were really sour. Thanks Pinky dear for getting it for me but sad to say, you will have to finish it up on your own which she gladly did. 

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