Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shunfengshan Park...

When we were done shopping around the small town of Shunde and had the most amazing dessert, that double-layered skin buffalo milk, Pinky's aunt took me to the local park. It was just an ordinary park, that's what she said. The moment I reached the entrance, I was dumb-founded. The gate... the pillar... they were so huge. You don't really know how to define the word humongous until you have seen the construction of buildings in China. They were so huge I wonder how they built them.
And then as we walked further, there were so many people dancing in perfect harmony so I thought there was a function, a performance or something like that. Suddenly, Pinky's aunt found a spot and started dancing along with the rest of them. There were more than 200 people there and her aunt was in tempo as well. That was one of her night activities if she didn't have to bring us around and when she has nothing better to do at home. It was just a casual activity and anyone could hop in and follow. There was no performance of any sort.
There were children roller-blading at another spot of the park. There were so many people and come to think of it, our Botanic Park in Penang will be close by 7pm, with the gate lock. HHhhmmm... China has healthy lifestyle, Malaysia leh... night time eat eat eat and eat... aiyo... or go shopping lor coz nowhere to go already.
We went walking around until we saw the exhibition centre across the wide and broad river. It was brightly lighted but it looked like a temple to me.

We went to the park the next morning just to see what's the difference between morning and park. The park was so jam-packed with so many people during the weekend. It was a Sunday morning. There were just so many people. The children were skate-boarding and most of them were cycling around or playing badminton without the net, walking around with family members. I've never tried bicycle before but too bad Pinky can't cycle and her aunt wasn't here with us in the morning. Her uncle was waiting for us at the car park as he couldn't find a spot to park the car. What was that across the river and on the river? Looked like something from G-Force just that it was powered by the human legs. Those were for kids... not free... nothing is free... the kids just have walk into it and start running... that was cool... I wished I could play that... never tried that before. The whole place used to be a temple earlier... I suppose because of the building structure. And Foshan, Shunde was home to Bruce Lee so there was history of Bruce Lee written all over the wall. I had a really good morning walk just snapping photos here and there. If Judz and Gracie were there, we would be there from early in the morning until night, and we would be very busy snapping photos. That's Pinky~!!

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