Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh, Great~!!!!!!

Early morning. Wake up. Settled a few additional maths questions. Had my favourite half-boiled eggs added with soy sauce and pepper dipped with Massimo's wheat germ bread. Went off for a morning class. Came home and let the fingers ran across the piano. Felt great~! Awesome~! Going for lunch coz my precious said she wanted to go to Paragon. Since none of us has ever been there, so to Paragon we went. What a place. It was newly opened so there wasn't much choices. We walked around the whole place which took less than 5 minutes for brisk-walking. We couldn't decide where to have our lunch so in the end we went back to the first restaurant that we chanced upon. It was called Brussels Beer House... There were lunch sets on display. It came in four different groups in the menu but for this week, customers could only choose from Menu B. Since it was only RM15 for a main course, a glass of drink and refillable salad bowls, we decided to have the lunch sets. Four different sets so we took all four even though there were only three of us. We did finish up everything but my precious and I don't eat salad. We have headache whenever we look at green leafy stuff. The food was quite good. I wanted to introduce all the four plates of main courses. The receipt in still in my purse but I have to be very frank with you, I'm TOO LAZY to get up and go get the receipt coz it's outside of this room and once my butt got stuck to the bed, it ain't going nowhere... It was too early to leave the place and I was really attracted to the moo cow. That's our homegrown frozen yoghurt store. Customers will be greeted with the moo moo sound of the cows. We had the original yoghurt with Hershey's chocolate syrup and green guava yoghurt with chocolate chips. We love chocolate. It was so cold we had a hard time finishing just two cups of yoghurt. Then around 4:45p.m. the whole house was shaking and yet we took our own sweet time to leave the building. I was working at that point of time and I wished I was home because my house shook more. The excitement of running down the stairs with the rest of the neighbours. This time round, the tremors lasted a little too long. We have many high rise buildings and I guessed everyone had a good shake, a jolt to wake those who have always been too contented in life and taking things for granted. I had a great time around at the new house, walking around the large field while there were people playing football. It was a lovely evening before my classes started again. Then, all of a sudden there was a plank in my eye. A large plank... hey, that's how I felt... so it's just figuratively speaking. So I tried washing my own plank before pointing out other people's dust in their eyes. Sad to say... the plank refused to leave my left eye and it started leaking with eye shit. I didn't know what happen to the eye... the only thing I was thinking was... thank God it's my left eye, not the good eye... I had at least nine people looking at me... Congratulations to everyone. It's confirmed bacterial conjunctivitis... airborne... who's next *laughing like a hyena* It's not my fault... it just happened.

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