Sunday, April 08, 2012

Food Glorious Food...

Shunde, Foshan in Guangzhou has the MOST delicious food that I have ever tasted. In Shenzhen, the best food comes from Pinky's grandma's cooking. In Shunde, everything is delicious including the rice with the cooked maggots. I'm not saying that the maggots were delicious, never have I mention about maggots being tasty. It just so happened that the dishonest restaurateur wanted to feed us with some maggots. But all in all, Shunde still has the nicest food. I got to dine like a queen coming in for a visit during dinner. The hospitality shown by Pinky's relatives were so awesome, it exceeded anything that I have ever experienced. Just because I was there, her uncles ordered until the whole table was completely filled with delicious food. Food that they wanted me to taste as they know they are proud of their cuisine. Since I've never tried Shunde's cuisine, they started ordering everything that came into their mind from flat noodles to chicken, to clams cooked in different sauce to porridge in large claypots. Fish of all sorts and they were all so delicious. I couldn't even describe the taste, can't make out the taste but I just know that I had such a wonderful meal, if my stomach was big enough, I don't mind licking the plates clean. The porridge came first and instead of one big claypot, her uncles ordered two just in case it wasn't enough for everyone. There were all sorts of good stuff inside the porridge which I could not really recognize but again, they were all very delicious. I thought by just eating porridge, that would do for dinner but the dishes started coming one after another, I thought it was endless. Some had to be finished up quickly so that there would be more space on the table to put more plates. The flat noodles tasted something like our hor fun but the gravy was a million times tastier. Where got so many words to describe delicious? A truly gastronomic experience that by the time the last dish came, it was my favourite of all. The chicken bits was so great I wished I could finish up everything but sad to say, my stomach was screaming for me to stop before it exploded. *nyum nyum nyum* Just looking at the pictures now brought back all the delicious memories. They were such great hosts that I wouldn't know how to treat them when they are here in Malaysia. I don't mind going to Shunde and spend more days eating there.

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