Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shunde At Night...

After dinner, went for supper straight away and then went walking around the streets with shops lining all along the street. From the left to the right, we went in and came out when I found nothing that suits us. We were hunting for boots to prepare for the cold winter. It was already winter but we were going somewhere else :D.... a holiday within a holiday. There were many shops selling clothes but I wasn't planning to buy anymore clothes after thinking about my exploding wardrobe at home. Maybe I will go back to China in a couple of years' time and start buying like a mad person once I've emptied my wardrobe. Some of the shops sell items at a very high price and because there were price tags, so it was not open for bargain. I didn't convert it back to RM.... hehehhehe.... Malaysian Ringgit is double that of the Chinese yuan. Finally, I found my fluffy boots at the price of 199yuan. Okay la... not bad right? It's branded... and of good quality and they don't seem to carry my size... That's size 8 and I'm size 9 so I have to squeeze in. The first day of wearing it, the feet hurt like it has been squashed but after that, the boots expanded to my size.

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