Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wangfujing. Shopping street. All the imported brands. From Nike Beijing to Zara to GAP. We were both enjoying walking together. Most people will not be able to understand that we hardly have any time to spend together, just giggling like any other girls. We don't even gossip. We were busy sharing about events in our lives. So the 40 minutes given by the tour guide for us to walk around on our own, we spent that time really well by walking along the streets, just passing by all the shops, snapping as many photos as possible pretending that we really enjoyed shopping there. In actual situation, we didn't even go into the shops. We only made it as far as standing at the entrance door. 
There was a huge bear along the street. I like that big bear. I don't know... I just love to snap photos with large figurines but not hideous ones. Pinky likes it too. It takes two to tango and we do have many things in common but we have far greater things in the complete opposite. I love reading but she fall asleep looking at words. I love to eat chicken while she loves to eat vegetables. I like to be up early during holidays to go to places and make full use of my time while most of her mornings went missing in dreamland. 
We did enter into Zara. I backed off the moment I saw the price tag of the discounted item. I couldn't remember what was I holding, a jacket if not mistaken. It was so expensive I would rather wear a gunny sack to keep myself warm. How on earth could anyone afford such expensive items? Even if I can afford, I would choose to use that money for other more important things. 
Our 40 minutes ended too soon but we have gotten ourselves the full version of Beijing's map. It's highly unlikely that we would have any time to explore the whole city on our own but we definitely planned to do that in future... just the two of us without any tour guide. We will definitely find our way around. 

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