Friday, April 06, 2012

Come Fishie Fishie~!!

Upon arrival in Shunde, we boarded the local public bus to Baimo Garden, in Zini Village. Do you know I have no interest in telling you the histories of the places as you can Google for it? And I don't know the history of the places that I've gone to unless I've read about it. Moreover, I wasn't paying attention at the boards erected at every corner of the place that tell stories about the place. I can't read Chinese so I prefer taking photographs. A picture tells a thousand words. That says it all. We were so hungry as we didn't have our breakfast neither did we have our lunch. We saw a small restaurant, sat down and started ordering. Pinky was half way eating when she asked me whether she was looking at cooked maggots on the walls of the claypot rice. I was giving those things a very hard stare. Can you see those? Yes, I think they were maggots but Pinky was so hungry so I asked her to eat the middle portion of the claypot. We didn't even bother to tell that lady off because we were in such a hurry. Bless her with those cooked maggots. We bought a two plastic bags of fish food. I thought it was more than enough as I wasn't that crazy about fishes. Wait till you start feeding those fat kois then you will know how I felt at that point of time. I was in a feeding frenzy. I have never felt so happy feeding fishes before. It was exhilarating. Indescribable~! It was so much fun and we were feeding them from every corner of the many ponds surrounding the whole garden. It was so cool to see that a moment ago, there wasn't any fish. When I dropped a handful of fish food...zzzzooommmmmmmmm all the fishes came and started whacking each other and some even climbed on top of other fishes, gliding through the crowd to get to the fish food. Come here fishie fishie... We were like to mad little kids, feeding the kois. All the other visitors just threw a handful here and there and then left. They were watching us instead. I can be a crowd-puller wherever I go :D... The fishes are so fat... they were obese... Hohohoho~!! We lured the fishes from one corner of the lengthy pond to the other end. How cool was that? Every few steps, we threw a handful of fish food, walked faster than those fishes swam, threw a handful more, walked and threw a handful more. Before long, we had the whole pond of kois gathering at the other end of the huge pond. Hehehehe... I love the sensation of feeding those fishes. I don't mind sitting there the whole day feeding the kois, see them scampering and fighting for food. You can even drop the small pellet of fish food right into their wide open mouth. We went walking around the place as there were other scenic backdrops where I could snap more photos but I always ended up feeding more fishes. I don't know how to tell you but it was such an enjoyable activity. If you ever visit China, place 'fish feeding' as one of your activities. We bought 2 more large bags of fish food when we entered the place.

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