Monday, April 16, 2012

Canton Tower...

Lovely building, ain't it? I saw this in the Internet before I left for China. I didn't realize that Pinky has already planned to take me there. In Chinese, the place sounded more like Guangzhou Tower but I was telling her Canton Tower, but at the end of the day, we were there, that's what's more important rather than arguing about the name of the place. Any Chinese to English translation in the land of my forefathers made me feel like I was in Mars. That colourful building, I saw it in the poster. I thought it was some kind of a way to attract more visitors but it was for real. See... it was really that blinkingly colourful. The colours changed every minute. The observation deck was at the 107th floor. The elevator was so fast and it was glass-doored elevator so anyone could easily looked at the view as we were zooming up up and away. Pinky was afraid of height so she was really brave to take me there when she has to face her own fear. The trip up to the observation deck itself cost 150 yuan. It wasn't cheap at all. Mister Ma and I took two extra activities. We decided to leave Pinky at the 107th floor to quickly finish up our whatever rides so that we could accompany her until the lights were switched off. We continued to the 111th floor which was at 448 metres high from the ground. We were taking the bubble tram ride. That was just for one round and I do not know how long the ride lasted. I just felt like it was forever inside the bubble tram and it was extremely slow. It was moving slower than a tortoise. I don't mind if the bubble tram went a few rounds in a Ferris wheel's speed. This was seriously slower than the Ferris wheel. It was kinda disappointing as there wasn't much view to capture through my lens. It was way to misty and before long, I couldn't even find that black building. That building was some insurance building or whatever important building. I couldn't remember. But I remembered going in circles around the observation deck to look for that building but it was hidden by the thick mist. Guangzhou was seriously very misty when we were there. Added with dust, I didn't know what else was in the air. The sky drop was way much better. Let me tell you, both of us were not smiling when we came down zooming from 30 metres. We went terribly silent with both our mouths opened, screaming until there wasn't any voice coming out and we left our hearts up there. It got stuck up there when we came zooming down. The first ride ain't that bad because we were strapped in our seats. The second ride was horrible, if we have weak hearts, we would have died up there. The heart would just stop midway. Thank God that we came down very much alive but badly shaken. In the second ride, we were strapped in standing position. Our feet were not even touching the ground. We were dangling like two corpses up in the air at 478 metres above ground. It was fun but I seriously think that my heart can't take this kinda rides anymore. It was worse than taking G-Force.

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