Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shamian Park..

This is the park with lots of English buildings. They weren't English buildings, but they were American buildings. The American expatriates to China used to stay in this part of China. There was a building for Standard Chartered Bank and another building for Citibank. The rest were buildings offices for the expatriates, dealing with matters which brought great concern to the Americans which I know no of and I'm not interested to know since the Americans were no longer there. I wished they were there then at least they would be English words for me to survive. I love this kinda statues. Were they called statues? I've seen a lot of different designs that depict the livelihood of the people in Melbourne. It would be easier to learn history from all these rather than reading the words in printed form which sent you off to sleep in just two pages of reading. Art and entertainment would never be abandoned as long as there were humans. Music is food to the soul and fashion, you will never run out of fashion if you know how to dress in style. I, on the other hand, have no regard on fashion. I wear whatever I like and whatever I'm comfortable in. The Shunfungshan Park in Shunde may jolt me awake with all their activities but this small park was equally in bustling with activities. There were couples learning ballroom dancing. You don't have to pay a single cent and you don't have to worry whether you were the last to join. They will definitely teach you how to dance until you're in-sync with the rest of the group. There was another group of oldies playing cards. No, they weren't gambling. There was no money involved. They were just playing for fun. I didn't know what they were playing, 'chortaiti', 'siambanluck' or maybe something else, cannot be '21points'. was there an opera stage somewhere? Oh, someone was teaching those interested in singing to sing the Chinese cultural songs. They have very good voice and I need not pay to hear them sing. It was free of charge. They were still learning and they were terrific. How come we aren't singing at Botanic Garden? It might draw a crowd. Another group of dancers. That's a modern dance. Line dancing? Shucks... I have no idea what kinda dance were they doing. I don't remember myself dancing before. I should try it out one day, maybe I will like it. Oh, cannon? I thought the Americans were just putting those cannons up to scare strangers away because they were residing at Guangzhou's riverbank. After Pinky translated the Chinese-carved stone slab with the history, those cannons were used to fire at those unscrupulous business people in vessels bringing in opium. I wasn't sure whether there were any cannons fired into the water or it was just placed there to scare the opium-peddlers.

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