Monday, April 02, 2012

Four Seas International House..

Free buffet dinner~!! So expensive thus, Pinky and I thought that the place must be very high class with all the expensive food and expensively-dressed customers. Hey, don't expect me to dress like I'm going for a wedding dinner. I dress casual. It's winter but it was 26-degree Celsius which was hot, according to my thermometer. I went with a short skirt instead of covering up in skin-tight leggings and overly-thick socks that will suffocate my legs. We wanted to grab everything that was placed on the table. We seriously thought that the food would taste heavenly but in the end, both of us felt that there was nothing to eat at all. Nothing not in the sense that there was no food, but there was nothing that was worth tasting. The food tasted kinda awful. I cook at home, so I have very very very high expectation on food. Pinky has great food wherever she goes, so she has extremely high expectation as well. I found curry chicken which tasted a little bit like ours but our chicken curry (in Malaysia, Penang Island especially) is the best of the best. I went for a walk all over the place trying to see if we have missed out anything salivating. Oh, my... roti canai~! That was so insulting~!!!! Do you know how much I love roti canai... and also roti telur? To see a Chinese flipping it around, I can't accept that. I have only seen Indians flipping roti canai and I like that culture of Malaysia to stay that way. And when I asked that Chinese fella what's that that he's flipping... he said something in Chinese with the 'bread' word which I couldn't understand at all. Again, I felt rather offended for the Chinese in China has stolen our homemade recipe and didn't even give credit to our roti canai. At least put a tag on the table with the word 'ROTI CANAI' instead of translating everything into Chinese. People must learn how to pronounce ROTI CANAI~!!! And at least put Malaysia's flag over the counter so that people will know that there is Malaysian delicacy in the restaurant. Eh, what was that? That bird was so tiny I have a feeling I was eating a nestling. I'm so sorry mother birdie, I guessed I've just swallowed your baby and spit out the bones in many pieces. I don't know which part of that little birdie was delicious. It was like biting on bones then you have to make extra effort to spit it out again. That was all for the second day. Baishizhou in the morning, lunch in nearby primitive restaurant with a weird English-translated menu. We did go somewhere after lunch and that made me really excited :D

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