Wednesday, April 18, 2012

China's Bullet Train...

We left Guangzhou on a bullet train back to Shenzhen. We were running short of time as we have had to rush off to catch our flight. You know, the train station in Seberang Prai, Penang was so small. It could hardly contain 50 people. 20 people and I was thinking how crowded the place was gonna be. So, I was shocked to see such a big intercity railway station. Pardon my shocked face, coz I was like that while looking at the place. I just came out of the jungle. Before we reached the waiting area, we had to use the escalator and it was quite a distant. An old lady two steps behind us feel down in a tortoise position, thus she was not able to get up on her own. The lady behind us wanted to pull her up but her husband stopped her from doing so. Instead of keeping quiet and letting it be, he shouted to the rest of the people who were about to step onto the escalator to back off or else they would be looking for trouble. How on earth will anyone be looking for trouble by just helping an old lady up? I was in front of the man so I couldn't do anything unless I push him all the way down. The lady security on duty was passing by and saw the incident, she ran up to help the old lady. After that only the rest of the crowd dared to step onto the escalator. What a cold and heartless society in a developed country. It reminded me about the incident in Foshan where the little was ran over by two trucks and left there to die on the road until an old lady came and helped out. Now, back to my bullet train ride experience. We got ourselves the first class coach so that we did not have to elbow our way to get a seat. We took our own sweet time because we have had our seat number printed safely on the ticket. The trip back to Shenzhen from Guangzhou was cut short by two hours. It was only half an hour compared to the intercity coach that rumbled through the mountaineous highway, honking away like nobody's business that bounced away for two and a half hour. The train picked up speed in matter of minutes. When Pinky first rode on the train, it went up to 297 km/h but because I was there *grinning like a Cheshire cat* the train sped at 304 km/h. Hey, I made a difference wherever I was. We were given drinks as well but so little time to rest. The spacious leg area was so comfortable. We could streched ourselves like two lazy cats. Pinky was dozing off in no time at all because we had to prepare for our three-hour flight later. I did snap the photos along the journey and the pictures turned out nice. They weren't blurry no doubt it was speeding at the speed of lightning... *exaggerating* The white train looked dirty. Told ya Guangzhou was misty and dusty. That was one great experience.

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