Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Flight to Beijing...

I still remember how rushing it was after getting off from the bullet train. We had to take the metro train and walked home. We hadn't pack our luggage, yet and we were craving for grandma's cooking. Thank God grandma cooked earlier. We reached home at 6 p.m. and we had to meet the rest of the tour group at 7 p.m. at the airport. We were half walking and half running back to the metro station. The airport was 17 stops away and the subway was over-crowded, after work hours human jam. The tour guide was calling Pinky because we definitely couldn't make it at 7 p.m. We ran the moment we hopped out of the subway. Oh, how we ran and ran. We ran to the airport building which was freakingly so far away. We were at building A only to realize that we should be at building B, so we had to run all the way back and head to the other end of the building. When we reached there, we couldn't find anyone standing in group. We thought we have missed them. How could that be? Suddenly, a rounded man came over. He was our tour guide. We were gonna board Shenzhen Airlines. Even Pinky has never been on board this plane. Let me share with you something. If you always complain that AirAsia sucks because of flight delays, wait till you fly domestically in China... that really suck. Our flight was 8:30 p.m. and I was thinking to myself, why the heck the tour guide rushed us and made us feel like we're dragging until the whole group was late. No doubt we were the last to arrive but come on, we were two professional airplane passengers. As if the plane would take off an hour earlier. Wasted all our energy on running. Our delicious dinner got burnt off unnecessarily and we were both hungry again. Yay~! My air ticket~!! And I got window seat~!!!!! That's the best of everything. I needn't have to pay extra. At least there was some view no doubt it was as bright as Melbourne. Shenzhen was the worst. Pitch darkness... always dark... saving electricity when the country is using nuclear energy? There wasn't much to do. We were flipping the in-flight magazine. I flipped from cover to cover in less than 1 minute. Couldn't read a single word. Pinky found the magazine rather boring as well. So, we decided to cam-whore a bit here and there. In the end, we fall asleep until the food arrived. The food... oh, the food... I hardly throw food away. I always licked my plates clean but this time round, I was very sorry. The food was so horrible I would rather fast for the whole month than swallow that chicken. My gosh... you know I'm a chicken lover and I'm a professional chicken cooker :D ... how did they manage to spoil the chicken? What kinda taste was that? And what's wrong with the rice? I ended up chewing on an empty bun and drinking some tea. Gosh... please... that was the most horrible food I've ever tasted.

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