Monday, April 25, 2011

Lamest of All~

I've received numerous messages in Facebook and it's getting on my nerves. One more and I'll lash out at the person who send it without thinking twice.

Am I suppose to feel flattered when I receive messages from strangers who said all kind of things to make me feel like I'm DESIRED? It's rather lame to tell me that you learn a lot about me through my profile as if I don't know what's on my profile. The only thing you can get from my profile is that I'm a female. That's all. And THAT is interesting?

It's pretty stupid to say that you're interested to know me better and hope that we can be more than friends. Oh, hello~! Am I suppose to believe that? I don't even believe that the profile picture is an authentic one. Neither do I believe the country which stated where you're from. You can type anything you want but I'm a pro using Facebook, so don't make yourself sound so desperate and useless.

I have no interest in knowing more friends no matter how sincere it's stated in the message. And I'm rather pissed off to receive such desperate-sounding messages.

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