Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Around the Dam...

Last Thursday, I was so energetic. Got up early in the morning, drove to the foothill of Air Itam and reached at exactly 8 a.m. but was surprised not to see Gracie. Whipped out my PDA from my bag and was quite surprise to see 2 sms-es. My eyes was wide open when I saw the first msg that her car battery conked out.... NOT AGAIN~!!! It's the second time. Then, the second msg was more comforting.... they were on the way already. I played the only bubble game in my pda for more than 20 minutes. Such patience I have because I was adamant to finish walking the whole Air Itam dam and the weather was really great, bright and sunny. See... she's hitting her forehead because the trail looks kinda never ending. Just walk la... we cut down on photoshooting, surely can finish the trail in no time at all. We walked pass half the trail where we left off the other day. Another half of the trail was more jungle-like. Can't even see the dam... not even a single drop of water. The turning point was fantastic. That's the end of the dam. Really beautiful. Stopped for awhile to snap a few photos. Less than 10 pics... then we continued with our journey. We went uphill and downhill. Uphill and downhill followed the winding road. Hardly see another human being. Quiet and secluded. Met one or two and two men on motorbikes. Then saw a group of monkeys. Scare me a bit after the bad experience with those evil monkeys. We walked pass the monkeys without the monkey doing anything. *phew* Thank God for the protection. We walked and walked... I like the quietness except for the sound of instrumental insects.

Hohohoho~! We were exhilarated to see the carpark. Jumping with joy because we have accomplished our mission within an hour with very few photos taken :) That's awesome... The place is so beautiful. It's a waste if I've never been there. I don't mind going there again and again.

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