Thursday, April 07, 2011

Judith~! Judith~!! Judith~!!!

When Pastor Sandra Chin called out our names, all of us froze in our seats. We should have shouted, "AMEN~!!" The three of us together again for the third time. This time round we were not busy eating like our two previous meet up, where we did lunch together. This time, we met in church. Yay~! My first time attending Women's Conference. FGA hosted Women's Encounter every year but I never find time to make myself available but this time round, Judz signed up for me as it was the first time EPCC is hosting such an event. We were separated into different groups. Ice-breaking consisted of various small games which my group 4 won the first prize. I met a few more people in Excel Point Community Church, both Judz and Juju's church. Quite a large community mainly young adults. Hey... we're young too... The speaker, Ps Sandra Chin from Acts Church in KL was sharing with us the importance of a woman's role among other women. How we should be the one who encourage those who were down and out. How we should stop criticising each other or even regard each other as enemies, competing in everything, from physical beauty to achievements of sorts. I know there are people who do not have best friend. God is gracious, He sent me 3 bestest friends. Girl power~!!!

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