Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sarawak's Carpenter Street in Penang~!

Penangnites never have to worry about food. If we can't go to that particular state or country to have their local delicacies, fear not as the food will travel all the way to Penang. That's why Penang Island is known as a food haven. We have all sorts of cuisines from different parts of the world. The latest in line will be Sarawak's Kolo Mee... *slurp**slurp* When I say it's delicious, then it's delicious because I've tasted quite a few Kolo Mee from different stalls when I was in Sarawak. The Kolo Mee with the red roasted pork sweet sauce tasted exactly like the one I had when I was in Sarawak. The one which Jackson tapao-ed back and I have no idea where he got it from. It's so nice but the price is double of that charged in Sarawak. If the restaurant is nearer to me then I'll have it everyday. Thank God it's not so near so I don't have to see myself turn into a big hippo hoarding on Kolo Mee everyday for three meals a day. They have the pork legs in a totally different soup. It's not like our usual Chinese soya sauce but it's something else. Nice as well... there's also Kachang Ma... but no thank you. My taste buds are not trained to lick on herbs. Sarawak's loh bak.. as the cuisine from East of Malaysia has no similarities with our local Penang food, it won't be fair to say that ours taste better. They're just too different. You can't compare. If I have a Sarawakian tongue then I will definitely tell you it's delicious. The Sarawak laksa... the one that I tasted in Sarawak after I landed on the ground was much much better than this. Honestly, something's wrong with the taste. Even my mama who is a laksa freak said that it tasted weird and horrible. So sorry to make such comment but when you see customers starting to leave the bowls half full, then something must be terribly wrong somewhere. Carpenter Street Restaurant is located along the rows of shophouses with AmBank right next to it and Old Town Kopitiam two doors away and in another far end you can find KFC. It's at Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru.

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