Friday, April 15, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici...

That's the famous phrase written by Julius Caesar which means,"I came, I saw, I conquered~!" It's not like I've conquered any mountains. It was just another place which has been around this little island for many many years but I did not even bother to have a look at the place until my friends suggested to go there for our morning walk. It's the only covered up dam in Penang Island. It's in Bukit Dumbar. There are many people who jogged around the area. It makes me wonder how come these people are not working. Those in the golden age are keeping up with healthy lifestyle then what about the middle age people and the younger generation? No need to go to work? Or must be free-lance like us. There are quite a number of them. Most are gathered in Youth Park, and lots more in Botanical Garden. The place is quite big. Bigger than the Metropolitan Park in Relau. We walked for a round only. If I go with hubby then most probably we'll go for 5 to 7 rounds. I can't wait for the days hubby won't be working then I can drag him to places. The place has one or two unique features. For example the bench that I sat on, there are plants growing all over the bench. And the bench is so low you'll feel like your ass is touching the ground. From that bench, you'll be looking at the might Penang Bridge, the Jelutong Expressway, some apartment buildings and trees all over. Penang still can boast about having green lungs here and there. I was fascinated with that wood stump. Should have taken a closer shot. Actually that Thursday morning, it was raining that's why we cancelled the trip to Air Itam Dam. If I would have known that by 8 a.m. the sun will be peeking through the clouds, I wouldn't have changed the plan of that day. But all in all, we did have a great time together.

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