Monday, April 11, 2011

The Pride of Penang...

There are two structures that resemble Penang Island. One is the Penang Bridge which if I'm not mistaken is the third longest bridge in Asia... or is it South East Asia... hhmmm... my knowledge of geography is not updated. But I know for sure the bridge is definitely longer than the one connecting Johor to Singapore. The night view of the bridge from above the plane will be spectacular as the orange lights will be lighted along the bridge. If you drive at 80 kmph, you will reach the mainland in 8 minutes, provided there's no traffic crawl. Since the bridge has been expanded by adding another extra lane, I salute to the engineers, as I have no idea how you expand another lane without changing the structure of the bridge, there is hardly any traffic snare unless there's a deadly accident on the bridge. There's another way to cross over to the mainland, that's via the ferry. This is the tallest building in.... eeerrrr... in... Penang? No other structures can be built taller than KOMTAR building. KOMTAR stands for KOMpleks Tun Abdul Razak where the building housed government offices, Pacific Departmental store, eateries and lots and lots of shops. There's a bazaar selling Malay traditional costumes, local delicacies and lots more. The Penang government is trying their utmost best to revive this building to be a prominent area where people will throng the place. I, being very honest to tell you that, I feel like I'm trotting around the third world country while I'm in Komtar. The place at the ground floor smells like crazy. The rubbish smell is so unbearable. The whole place is so dark and gloomy and most parts are secluded, it's not safe to walk around and I can get lost in the maze. Please do something about it. Compare 1st Avenue which is just next to Komtar, everyone would have preferred hanging out in 1st Avenue. Prangin Mall stinks as well... Give Prangin, Komtar and BJ Complex a fresh new coat of paint plus remove the disgusting toilet smell. Rubbish... do something about the rubbish with liquid flowing out like small streams.

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