Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Surprise~! Surprise~!!

McDonald's gave away 2 Big Breakfast with any purchase of RM5. My first time having it was when mama when to line up for an hour early in the morning. A few days after that, I woke up and had a surprise seeing the Big Breakfast on the table. Hubby went to buy early in the morning. I wonder what time he went as he had to go to work early in the morning. Must be before 6 a.m. The McD promotion ended on the 31st of March. I'm blessed to have it twice without having to use my energy to queue up. Filet-O-Fish... the bun looks fake, too shiny... not what I will order but since it's the cheapest in the menu, so I don't mind. Usually I'll be asking for Chicken McDeluxe, my all-time favourite. I had too many items for breakfast. Hubby prepared half-boiled eggs for me as well to be eaten with Gardenia bread. Since I can't stuff myself with so many things in the few hours left of my morning, I took the hashbrowns and left the rest to my precious and my pineapple. When they reached home after school, I stuff both of them with the Big Breakfast and also the lunch that I cooked... so settled... I fed them breakfast and lunch, both at the same time. I have the coolest hubby~! He's the coolest because he gets me the things that I needed and wanted. He never give me flowers. Two thumbs up for that. I have everything except flowers... so my style~ Last week, hubby gave me a brand new expensive and feather-lite badminton racquet. Have to work on my smashes... but I don't like to smash... I regard myself as a 'gentle' player... This afternoon when I fetched my pineapple home from school, suddenly she whipped out three sticks of chocolates from her school bag. She bought one especially for me. Suchly lovely thought. It's the thought that counts.

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