Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be Strong and Courageous...

It's Recess Revo again in Penang. Two nites in Penang and it has done a great work in the youth. I place education as top priority for my kids but seeing them so on fire for God, worshiping God with hands lifted up and running forward all hyped-up to worship the God who created the universe, I threw their exam results out of the window. Nothing is more important than building children up spiritually. When they're spiritually right, nothing can go wrong. Education is just part of growing up but feeding them spiritually is like building up characters and shaping them the way God wants them to be. I've never been prouder and I'm very happy, elated and bloated with emotions to see them eager to know God more and more. I pray that they will never backslide but be firm in the Lord. I am proud to call them mine... love you all although sometimes I don't show it. I care... really care for all of you... I'm sorry I hurt you all with my selfishness at times, with my temper and not being more understanding. The house that I rule with iron fist all these while will change from now onwards. It will be a home that's filled with love. All of your needs will be met by God's grace... I will do my best give you all the best environment to live in.

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