Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Smart arses~! I have low blood pressure but due to unforeseen circumstances, I can feel my blood pressure surging to the point of no return. Teenagers... what can I say... they are teenagers...

There are 4 exams in a year. And during these exam periods I'll be screaming, yelling, nagging, begging... yes... I beg my kids to study... literally beg them to study, threaten to skin them alive, entice them with good stuff, console them, teach them until I can sit for the exam myself and score with flying colours. I've used every single method and I'm about to scream out loud, "I DON'T CARE!' Not even one of them knows how to study on their own accord. Is it so hard to hold a revision book and study for an hour or two or until all the historical and geographical facts have entered the brain? Is it so hard to even do that? Can't even memorize anything from the book... but surprisingly they can sing any songs without looking at the lyrics and they learn the songs by listening. Then how come when the teachers teach, they can't even remember a single word? I bet before the teacher even step out of the classroom, they have forgotten everything... they don't remember... they forget... they have a body of a teenager but the mind of a 200 years old turtle~!!! They can't even remember the Maths formulae... can't even remember a single thing except for non-sensical stuff.
Teenagers... they know everything. Always... without fail... I will hear,"My friend said... my friend said this... my friend said that..." CHECK WITH THE ADULTS~!!! If not, just go find out the facts on your own before you come back telling me about what your friends said. If your friends know everything, pack your bags and go shift out and stay with your friends. Your friends will know how to take care of you, your friends know what's best for you, your friends know what suits you best, your friends probably will feed you and clothe you. You won't lose your face checking with the adults before doing something.
I think even if I speak until I vomit blood, they will not change. Can't they be a little bit like me? A little more independent. Never once did I need a person to tell me to study when I was a student.

And what's with those from Chinese school? Can't even understand English... everything must translate... can't even understand the Malay Language... Right until today, I've not read a good piece of Malay essay. The standard of English dropped until it's laughable to show the English paper to the outside world. And what's with the gaberment's idea to send Chinese teachers to learn Chinese in China? Who's going to pay for their expanses? The rakyat? There are so many complains in the newspapers that teachers can't even teach proper English, can't even speak properly. Once my friend went to her brother's school to ask about how her brother has been doing in school, but to her dismay the teacher can't even string a proper sentence without stammering and coming out with the right words. In the end, they used the Hokkien dialect... such embarassment. Why didn't the gaberment suggest to send English teachers who can't speak English properly to England to learn English? Why have to send the Chinese teachers to China to learn Chinese? What about those who can't even speak Malay at all? So many years learning the Malay Language in school, yet they learn nothing. Even foreigners from the west who came here barely a month can speak our Malay language and mingle around with the locals without any problem. Something is terribly wrong with Chinese school system. There are good students there but the number of those who can't cope at all with the system is uncountable. Education should not be politicize.

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