Monday, April 25, 2011

My Brain Has Been Picked On Twice...

I was driving fast as usual. Not sure where I was heading to. All of a sudden, a 12-seater van started to turn 360-degree like a maniac. I was almost hit but I managed to zoom past the van while it was still turning. I shudder to think of the consequence if the van would have hit my car. I would be crushed by the impact. I dialled for my hubby when I was still driving, telling him what happened. He couldn't hear well because the reception was poor. I was so upset... I dialled for my mama and as usual... she didn't pick up her phone!! My eyes were wide-opened and I was staring at my sleeping hubby. It was such a horrible dream that I poked my hubby awake. He was so groggy and after a few days, when I told him again about it, he didn't remember waking up at all...*sigh*

I couldn't get back to sleep after that. I don't remember watching any movies with accidents neither did I encounter any road mishaps while I was driving earlier. Then, it looked like God typed something on my brain, "You've not have your devotion time for 2 days." *OUCH* That's a scary way to put as a reminder. The devil must be playing with my mind.

Then, this morning, I woke up rather furious. In my dream, I came back early and I saw a car reversing out of house. Weird though, coz' it didn't look like my house but in my dream, that's my house. There's this young girl, who's not so pretty, I'm absolutely prettier than her, and she just reversed her blue Proton car out of my place, so I went straight to her when she wound her windscreen down and asked her who she is and what is she doing at my house. She has something with my hubby. I pulled her out of the car and was about to bash her into pieces. Then, I let her go with a warning not to come to my house anymore. I confronted hubby and hubby said there's something in her kiss. My foot~! I'm a better kisser than anyone else.

I woke up when hubby give me my usual wake up call. Straight away I asked hubby whether he has anything with his colleague. If he has, I'll turn both of them into minced meat and luncheon meat. Actually, I have nothing to worry about because hubby has waited for me for 15 years, he wouldn't do anything to screw our marriage. I lurve you~! *Satan, stop picking on my brain*

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