Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Metal Family in KDU...

We're the metal family. Made of such metal that we'll never get rusty and we're tough. I'm Titanium, accompanied by Platinum, Tungsten, Magneto and Aluminium. All of us were enjoying our fine dining in KDU College... yes, a college. We're not there to study or to attend any talk or to participate in any exhibition. We're there to dine... Introducing the Bon Appetit Restaurant. Never knew that such place existed. It's not open for public though. For the hospitality and culinary arts students. For them to practice and have the feel of working in a restaurant. We were there as guests so that they will be able to learn how to serve customers when they start working. They always forget to give us our cutlery after taking it away. Well, forgivable because they're still students. If it's for real then I will give a very sharp remark to whoever's serving my table. Wherever we go, we go with our cameras. Gracie, why is your camera peeking at my camera? My camera is camera-shy *blush* We were given two choices of drinks, coffee or tea. And I would prefer having sky juice. I did try out my coffee though with a lot of outside help... thanks to the many packets of sugar and creamer. It made the colour of the coffee brown and sweet. Like it that way... but don't like coffee still...We have the appetizer of the day... it's some vegetable roll stuffed with tender smoked chicken served with exquisite Italian dressing alongside chicken mushroom in a cheese cup. Do you know what it reminded me of when I have had that platter on my table? It reminded me so much of the fine dining that I had in Melbourne where the whole table course of 6 dishes did not even fill one-tenth of my growling stomach. The plates were so big but the portion of food is so small, it's like you are only allow to lick at the food and be satisfied. The soup of the day came next. We had mushroom soup instead of broccoli soup. It came along with the handmade mushroom dumplings but the skin was too thick. The freshly baked bread roll was not soft enough. And the waiter forget to give us the butter knife so we tore the buns into halves with our fingers and spread the butter with our spoons. Hospitality team, you'll have to be more alert... the soup is good, though. The main course... my choice of main course... stuffed chicken roulade. Superbly done~! Well done, kitchen crew! I've always love chicken dishes... The second choice was dory fillet with hollandaise sauce. I'm not really keen on a fish dish unless there's not much choice to choose from. Tungsten and Aluminium picked that as their main course. The dessert of the day was the chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice-cream and three small balls of assortment of mixed fruits. Yellow watermelon, red watermelon and honey dew balls to be exact. The brownie was stone hard but my Magnet enjoyed eating the brownies. I finished mine, too. I feel that it's an insult to the chef if we were to leave the food on the plate. If I'm a chef and I see diners leaving half the plate full I'll be weeping and thinking that I'm such a lousy cook. Thus, we finished everything and in actual fact, the students did a really great job preparing, decorating the food in a fine dining style. The lunch cost us RM15 only. That's Golden Flower. We knew each other through Facebook and eventually we become good friends. Hey, gal... you'll be a really really great chef and you did a superb job leading your crew members. And we're going again tomorrow~! Yippee~!!

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