Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eleven Hours...

Tuesday. Wesak Day printed on the calendar. Not an important event to me but what's ringing an alarm bell in my head was the holiday siren. Public holiday. No work. Sleep in late. Find hubby in bed when I woke up. Enjoy first then suffer later. All of us have lots of work to do but it's a holiday. Forget about work first. So, suffering now. Hubby sitting in front of the computer. Mama sitting in front of her desktop and lappie. I'm pushing my work until I wake up later after having a good nite's sleep. Not gonna work means not gonna work. It wasn't a sunny day but didn't matter much as we would either be in the car and then the car would be parked in the multi-level carpark and we would be in shopping malls thus, completely shielded from any strong winds or rain drops. Woke up and then lazed around watching a movie before leaving the house at exactly 12 noon to get the movie tickets from TGV and also to get some lunch into the growling stomach. Then went down south to fetch two queens, none from England though. We had at least more than 3 free hours to spend. Went to Parkson and saw a RM99.90 small water bottle, less than 1 litre I think. Looked at shoes and I like Skechers. Took mama to see the Coach bags. We were guessing at the prices and was very sure that if we ever bought anything from Coach, the price of the purse would be more than the money in the purse. So if anyone want to steal from us, I would suggest that the thief take the cash and give us the Coach purse or handbag back to us. Next, we were looking at gadgets. I want that Galaxy Tab. I want HTC Incredible S. I want that Samsung Regza LCD screen with a complete home theatre system that will make the house go ka-boom in the whole neighbourhood. What else to do in a shopping mall other than shopping or window shopping? EAT... we were hungry... ravenously hungry... we can eat a horse. Since they don't sell horses so we have to eat something decent. We were at 1st Avenue. Old Town was the best choice for food at that point of time. Couldn't think of anywhere better. And we could hardly crawl. We expected the food to come to us instead of us going to the food.

We had the dry curry noodles. I don't like. Ipoh chicken hor fun that mama slurped it all down in less than 7 minutes. Got ourselves toasted bread with peanut butter and another one with kaya and butter. I like the latter better. Dipped them into the chicken curry. Asked for more curry for the bread. Then asked for even more bread and curry. The end result was those empty plates. We tried eating those plates but they were too hard for us to swallow so we had to leave them alone. Those were three very hungry people. We were like grabbing after the food. If we were barbarians we would have tear each other's meat. Munching away. Saw hands hovering around the food. A pair of heads tearing at those plain thick toast. The chicken meat was torned into pieces. Then more hands. You should have seen how busy our table was. Too many pairs of hands. Our main agenda was to wait until 5:30 p.m. to watch Thor. It was a great movie with all the CGI and at least the movie line was quite good except for the ending. Should have a better ending instead of a hanging one. After watching the at least 2-hour long movie, we headed to Times Square for more food from the Food Gallery. Been there once with Juju. Now bringing all of them who has never tasted the food there before. The food was...eeerrr... expensive but you can't compare to the price in restaurants. Of course quality wise, Food Gallery loses.

The pictures were not in sequence. Randomly posted them up. Took me quite awhile to have all the photos up. Well.. we had the Korean Beef set which was a huge disappointment. The beef was too dry and too hard. The German Knuckle was the only plate worth the price paid for. My pork knuckle went round the table and came back with enough for everyone to savour. The German Lamb Shoulder was alarmingly given out in such small portion that we believed we have been deceived by the menu with pictures printed out. Spaghetti carbonara from the Italian cuisine stall was nothing to shout about. Chicken soup was really nice though. And I like the kimchi soup from the Korean set. I refused to even touch the huge bowl of salad. A bowl of colourful jungle. Dessert of crepe rolls with vanilla ice-cream wasn't that bad except I didn't really enjoy the slices of peach. Honey dew pudding with dragon fruit wasn't bad. Quite good. I was rather attracted to these two pink piglets. A big pig and a small pig. It was from the dim sum stall. The one from the restaurants tasted better. I did play with one of the piglets before I decided to swallow them.

Started with those cute little ears. Bit them off. Chewed them away. Then attacked the nose. See that heart shaped scar on the piggy's face. Then started chewing from the side. I had a long day out. Reached home at exactly 11 p.m. It felt like I have not achieved anything for that 11 hours but I did a lot actually. Spending time with my hubby, my mama and Judz and Gracie. Did all-in-one. And I'm really sleepy now. Gonna wake up early tomorrow to be tortured by papers.

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