Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wow~! Wow~!! Wow~!!! That's really colourful and flowery. There's a whole book of collections to it in Tesco. I think you can find it anywhere selling Kotex. I'm not advertising on behalf of Kotex but I found it rather impressive. Sanitary pads with flowery and colourful designs. Hey, don't give me that kinda look. It's not like I've writing anything obscene and pervertic. Those sanitary pads on display are for all to see and touch. There's a whole book to browse through. For the young and the old. Male and female alike. They're on display. So nothing to be ashamed of since it's for the eyes to see. When I first saw the new design, I was wondering what will the world come out with next to attract buyers. There are just too many brands. And I wonder who on earth is going to appreciate all those flowery designs once it has been stained with the dead ovum and the crumbling uterus lining. No one other than the user is going to see it. So, why the pretty design? Humans never run out of idea. Since it has impressed me so much, I bought it as well. In soft packs and in a small little black box. I'm attracted to the box. I think that's how you increase your users and attract buyers. Good sales point here.

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