Sunday, May 22, 2011

Red Riding Hood...

Ah... finished this book in a few hours. It's not the Little Red Riding Hood that I'm familiar with. It's actually not my type of reading. Let's see... it's about a little town called Daggorhorn with lovely young ladies like Valerie and Lucie. Evil people like Father Solomon and darkness of the city. Didn't excite me much actually. There has been a werewolf coming out to grab a life since many moons ago. One day, Lucie was murdered when the blood moon appeared. After turning many pages without stopping, I realized that I didn't know who turned into a werewolf. I have a feeling it was Peter. Couldn't be Henry with the brown eyes because the werewolf appeared when Henry was still in human form, standing beside Valerie. It should be Peter but what about Val's grandmother? Am I suppose to go to the link given at the end of the page to figure out who's the real werewolf? Shucks... I think I should just watch the movie... or can anyone tell me whether Peter was the werewolf or the grandmother?

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