Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exam Fever...

Exam week for some schools. Other schools will have to wait for another week. Teachers took a few days to set the paper. Some went to the extent to coin up their own questions or put in bleedingly great effort, sacrificing their own personal time to set a paper where there will be easy questions, moderate and extremely tough questions. The objective paper for English is only an hour. Don't be surprise to see some students finish the whole paper in less than 5 minutes. Some don't even bother to read the comprehension text. They just circle the answers without looking. These students have eyes who don't see. Then, there are some who finished the paper as soon as possible, so that they have time to nap. Sleeping on the paper until the paper is wet. Sweat or saliva? Not sure... don't ask... This was what my precious did. Doodling~! So my style. I used to do that when I was sitting for an exam but that was in primary school when everything was as easy as ABC. I've never done that in secondary school. I checked my answers a few times if I managed to find so much time. My precious explained herself off by saying that the reason she didn't want to check her answers whether they were correct or not was because she wasn't even sure whether her answers were correct or not. So, in order to avoid further disappointment, it is best not to check and erase the answer which might be correct and change it to a wrong answer. Oh, I can understand how she feels. Most of us as students would understand that. I did that before. Erasing the correct answer, thinking it was wrong when in fact it was correct, and changed it to another answer that makes it wrong. *sigh* *smile* Error in doodling... In my opinion, exam week is the most relaxing week. An almost empty school bag with only a few important stuff. A few revision books. And there's time to chit chat in between with friends. No homework. Go home relax... heave a big sigh of relief. Counting on the days until the last day of the last paper and rejoice... rejoice like there's no more exam when actually the next exam is waiting to come and attack after another 2 and half months of studying. Too many exams in one year... Attempting to write a poem? HHmmm.... kids nowadays are different from how we used to be. Last day for MGS' exam is on Thursday, my precious has created a list of places that she will want me to take her to after that... She wants to go to Straits Quay because I took her there twice only. Then, she wants to go to Gurney Plaza for what, I do not know... and Queensbay Mall to buy more clothes... and where else?

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