Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jumbo Delicious~

Jumbo Delicious. Never heard of it before until Gracie and Judz suggested to go there for dinner. It's in Sungai Ara. No point giving the address as many people are not familiar with Sungai Ara area with the Kenari lanes. Just drive to Sungai Ara and you'll see Kentucky Fried Chicken at the corner. Jumbo Delicious is just 3 doors to the right. As we were walking and searching for Jumbo, we saw that KFC was almost empty so we thought Jumbo should be emptier than empty. But to our surprise, Jumbo was completely filled to the brink and we got the only empty table just in time before another 4 customers walked in behind me in search for an empty table. There were so many patrons and looks like I'm a little bit outdated with this place myself. We were two smelly and stinky people among all the well-dressed casual patrons. We just finished with our badminton session so you can imagine the smell of stinky sweat. We got ourselves a jug of fresh orange juice. That's just nice to fill up 4 glasses for 4 of us plus a few drops left that I gulped down after that. Gracie got herself a plate of salad...??? It's after a 2-hour badminton session and I bet I can eat a horse or swallow a cow... but eating plants? Munching on leaves? You're really a giraffe Gracie.. I can't understand your stomach. I can't understand people who love chewing on twigs and leaves. I'm not saying it's not delicious, I cannot comment on that plate of leaves with slices of onions and tomatoes because I refuse to touch them. Buns on the house~! Buns spread with garliced-butter. Fresh from the oven. Love it to bits. While we're waiting for our main course, we have that but I swallow all up and leave a bun for Gracie and Judz to share... I have the rest of the buns. If given a choice, I can do away with the main course and just chew on the lovely soft buns. Ask and it will be given to you. Judz asked on my behalf for another bun. I thought the waiter would bring another 4 buns but 1 was more than enough. My cornflakes chicken came next. Crunchy. Crispy. *nom nom nom* Like the potato wedges and I did chew on the carrot sticks. Love the chicken dipped in mustard... I was so hungry I can eat a horse so a piece of chicken was no big deal. There were so many diners at the restaurant. It took some time to wait until all food were served. Hubby's lamb shoulder came next. I thought they went to hunt for a lamb out in the open. Finally the lamb was caught and slaughtered. This was one generous serving of lamb shoulder. Can feed all of us and make us burp. It's black pepper with mint sauce. Well done~! Did they really go to the Alaskan deep sea to catch this sea bass? We waited for the fish for so long. It must be difficult to haul in the big fish. Delicious... These were on the house, too... great hospitality... The lady in charge... In another incident unrelated to this post, I have something to say about someone who always write negatively about everything. I stumbled upon a blogspot with the title Borhochiak, condemning every eatery that's found in this island. Borhochiak means not nice to eat. But the lady blogger was not condemning about the food, she was complaining about the services that she received. Sounded like in every place that she stepped into, nobody wanted to serve her properly. The problem was not with those who served but it must be from you. You must have carried yourself with all the negative vibes that people shunned themselves from you. You're not a nice person then since people who didn't know you will not want to serve you at all.

I've read lots of your posts complaining about everything, but the places that gave you bad services, gave me and my friends great services. I've been to many restaurants that gave us the best of their services, even food that's on the house... seriously no charge at all and further discounts. It's not how they serve you, but how you treat other people. You can walk into a restaurant with your nose high up in the air and nothing will please you. The waiters and waitresses do not have to serve you like you're a queen. They can choose not to serve such an unpleasant patron. It's good enough that they never ask you to leave the place.

Only a lowly person will go all way out to condemn another person's business. It's like smearing shit on your own face. You stink and you do not know how to serve others yet you want others to serve you well... try striking a good and polite conversation with those who serve you. I'm writing this because you have wrongly accused the Bah Kut Teh auntie in your post. I've been to her place so many times until we can talk about anything. She's a really nice lady that once when I forget to pay after eating, she was thinking of treating me to a good meal since I forget. Yet, you can write about her, accusing her of cheating your money. I've even asked her about it, never will she do things of such.

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