Friday, May 20, 2011

Love, Unyielding by Charissa Phang

Upon loving you I have no thoughts of no one else.
Had I paid a fee in thought of loving you I would be broke,
but in pay I'd ask that I be paid with the price of your love.
It seems no ocean can rise and out my flames of you.
Vice or versa no flames could burn you away from me.
You're unexplainable, more like an orb filled with an unyielding light.
You're the name on my lips; your eyes are engraved upon my heart.
Your voice is united with my soul, and your fingers hold firm to my body.
You're like passion with seeps of great winds.
You're like water, but yet the tongue is evermore thirsty.
You're the sun in the sky to light and warm me by day.
Even so you're the moon guiding my steeps by night,
captivating my thoughts bringing me to the point of rest.

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