Monday, May 16, 2011

She Cries, I Laugh...

Fetched my girls back from school as usual. My pineapple hopped into the car wailing like it's going to be the end of the world. Then, she started reading me her marks for every subject from Bahasa Malaysia to English to History, Maths, Science and Kemahiran Hidup. I was concentrating on my driving while my ears were tuned to her rambling. I'm well-prepared for her to get that average marks. I have been asking her to study but what did she do at night? She was busy texting another guy, complaining about how bored she was. I said study, she said boring... what else am I suppose to do? I answered in a lackadaisal manner.... Didn't I tell you in advance that you have to study very hard, harder than others because you have to put in a lot of effort if you want really good results. Not everyone has the photographic memory of an elephant. So, what's the point of crying over spilt milk? I can only laugh... that's for not listening to me. I can only laugh... I'm not like other mothers who will yell and scream at you for getting bad results. Not even going to hit you. By hitting you won't increase your marks. Screaming at you makes me lose my perfectly beautiful voice. I want to use my voice to sing, not scream. By nagging at you won't help, my blood pressure will increase, still your marks will be the same. I only nag before your exam, after that I'll laugh. No, I'm not mean... you deserve what you get because that's how much effort you put in. Don't expect much if you don't do much about it.

My pineapple decided to study everyday to get better results for the next exam. I laugh even harder. I'm not trying to be not supportive, but I can't help it. Wanted to be hardworking? Hahhahaa.... she just asked to spend the whole afternoon watching movies... and if I say no I'll have a sulky pineapple. I'm a reasonable person... since tomorrow is a public holiday, I give them earlier holiday.

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