Monday, May 09, 2011

Just Another Day... Monday~!!

The heat is unbearable. I'm about to melt. It's so hot that I don't have to do work out in the gym but I'm sweating like a pig. Anyway, I did drag myself to the gym and in my opinion, working out is equivalent to self-torture. Lifting weights and can you imagine I carried dumb bells in both my hands while walking on the treadmill. If it wasn't for my gym buddy, Claudine, I wouldn't have done it. She needed my support and companion so that she can push through so, we're having a symbiotic relationship. Without her, I wouldn't want to go there anymore. I prefer reading in bed than working out. Now, that the weather is getting from bad to worse, I really want to lie on my back on the water. I enjoy doing that on water. But the thought of going to the beach and get myself burn completely is so out of the picture. While working out, Claudine and I were having a conversation regarding keeping the house clean. And I told her that you need to be gifted in house-cleaning to keep your house sparkling clean. Both of us agree that we don't have that kinda hidden talent. She has not been mopping her house for two weeks. I'm better than her. I just mopped the house but it's not like how I want the house to be. I have my dream house in my mind but it seems to be impossible to have that kinda arrangement. I'll need a month of no work at all but just to concentrate on the house. Stupid~!! I agreed with Claudine that the best way to clean a house is to throw everything out. I actually sell away everything and earn from my rubbish. I want to bury myself in my books. It has been quite some time since I have the whole day to myself where I can read and not do anything. Skip all the meals and I won't feel hungry but completely filled and satisfied. Argh~!

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